Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Unfinished Bits

I have so many bits of poems and written word pieces that go unfinished. It seems I start them in scattered bursts of emotion and inspiration, only to leave them by the wayside on scraps of paper and napkins. It doesn't feel right to go back and complete them after the moment in which they were started has passed. Perhaps they hold some sort magic with the way they trail on into infinite unknown. The ending to be imagined.

Though many pieces are personal, I am entertaining the idea of posting these unfinished bits on here. If only to organize and save them from being confused for trash.


Brigid said...

I think it's a good project - especially as photos of the little scraps they were written on. The magic, I think, is far beyond the words.

Amy said...

I can see them coming together in a handmade book, in their original forms, bound somehow. It would be lovely to leaf through the book, reflecting on just the bits and pieces. There's something about keeping the tactile quality of what they were written on and the fact that they are handwritten that is appealing—almost like that is part of conveying the raw moment you've written down. Just some ideas ;)

Jess said...

I can relate wholeheartedly. I do this all the time. I get the clarity to write something down that is really meaningful and it doesn't feel right to go back and edit or continue it later. It's best raw and not manipulated.