Monday, August 3, 2009

Brain Snapshot

2:50 PM:

Drives with her calm me. Top down. Lungs full. We drive as if we have a mission. Somewhere to be. Somewhere to flee. But really, we're just passing time. Waiting for life to lift us up and fly. Phone ringing. But waiting for the other. Where's mine? Pocket. I hope it stays sunny so I can have my photoshoot tonight. The rain has been ruining all of the ones I had scheduled. My stomach is empty. I haven't eaten in hours and hours. I'm hungry but when I see the kitchen, I lose all desire to eat. I'm nervous about what is to come of us. Am I foolish to do this again? Or is this common? I'm all in either way. Whether I walk out happy or broken. I'll rise from the ashes if I have to. Why can't I get the arm right on this drawing? It's the hand that gets me every time. Practice, practice until I give up. Or find satisfaction. Phone buzzing. Bacon woman. Time to give into hunger pains.

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