Sunday, March 15, 2009

Snapshot in time

Brain Snapshot. 4:16PM March 15, 2009.

I need to erase my calendar. If I do, will April fit? At least half will, I bet. That means summer is almost here. Only a few more weeks of classes after April. Oh but that means I need to get on top of work soon. Two papers. What's humming? Fridge? I can hear something over Dave Matthews. Where is everyone? I'm tired. I shouldn't be. Haven't done much. Would it be bad to take a short nap? I should look over my clit paper. Need to make an outline. And practice in the mirror. What made me think I could present something like this? Does frosting need to go in the fridge? Coffee would be nice. Only if I washed the pot before break though. Can't remember if I did. Seems like I left so long ago and yet it was only a week. Would like to bring that up in therapy. Why I can never remember things and everything is so distant. Skip. Skip. Skip. Too long. Skip. Skip. Perfect song. Right there. Say yes, press send. That's how I get myself involved in constant craziness. Say yes before I have the chance to say no. That's how I ended up in these holes. I didn't dig them myself though. No, no. You dug them, I just happened to fall in. And though it is all your fault, I am the one taking the fall. People know me before they meet me and it's all because of you. You. Your mouth. Your delusions. We were nothing. Nothing happened. People think it did though because they haven't met me yet. Have only heard your stories of love lost and a broken heart. What love? I only agreed to coffee. I agree to coffee with lots of people. Coffee is my thing. I'd even take George Bush up on coffee if he offered.I bet he wouldn't assume I loved him based on coffee. So why did you? Delusional. Even your friends say so. Sorry.


boxofcrayolas said...

1. Why aren't you a photography major... or in terms of feasibility given your lifestyle now, why not just sell the gorgeous shots you take now? I'm thinking loan payment no problem and I volunteer to be your first customer. I think I could easily drop a few hundred (if I had it) if not more.

2. Hang in there... I have a lot of things I want to say but won't here. You've got a lot going for you girl. You just hang in there.

Anonymous said...

I hesitated before commenting on this blog post. It feels a bit like overhearing a private conversation. And it's not polite to join in on a private conversation wihout invitation.

My comment is harmless though. I just want to say how funny I found the remark about taking up George Bush on coffee if he offered. It is a perfect example to illustrate the meaning of having coffee. It is also very funny. "Hi Mr. Bush, haven't seen you on tv for a while. Relaxing are you? How are things going on the ranch?"