Monday, December 15, 2008

It's been some time..

It has been well over a month since I last wrote here. A lot has happened since then and because I have no idea where to begin, I'm hooking it up list style. If you've been following me on Twitter, stalking me out on Flickr, or talking to me on a daily basis, you might know most of this and will therefore find it boring. If you've been slightly MIA from my life, no worries because here is an update on the last month of it!

Vagina Monologues: At the beginning of November, I auditioned for the 2009 Vagina Monologues cast. Pushed myself completely out of my comfort zone to do it because I knew it was an opportunity that I did not want to miss. Auditions were exhilarating and I walked away proud of myself for doing something that a year ago I probably would not have done. I was even more proud of myself when two days later I learned that I scored a role in the cast! That's right, everyone. Come February, yours truly will be on stage as "Woman #2." Rehearsals begin the week we get back from break and I am SO excited.

Twenty-One Down:
Over the past few months, I have somehow managed to lose twenty-one pounds. The weight loss could be a result of various factors including but not limited to: STRESS, no money for groceries, no time/desire for eating, or obscene amounts of coffee that fill my tummy. Either way, I'm happy with it and will attempt to lose more over break.

Triota: Triota, the Women's Studies honor society that I'm in, ended up having a productive end to the semester. We hosted two events featuring Debbie Rasmussen from Bitch magazine. The events turned out to be a huge hit and Debbie was great. She led discussions on both nights in which people could create dialogue about feminist activism on campus and off. Also, this semester we raised over two hundred dollars for Cangleska, a domestic violence shelter in South Dakota for the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Oh and in awesome news, I was elected public relations for Triota for the Spring semester. YAY!

Maquilas, Lesbians, and Grades: The past two weeks of my life have been ridiculous. I have been a giant stress ball and heart attack waiting to happen. I can honestly say that I do not remember most of it, as I was drinking about 10 cups of coffee a day and staying up until 3 and 5AM. I managed to write a pretty okay paper on the Maquiladoras of Mexico. You'll have to ask Amanda if the paper was any good though, as I refuse to re-read it now that it has been handed in. My lesbian project finally came to a close too and after having a really successful speak-out and presentation, we got the A we deserved. Final exams week was an absolute breeze. I legitimately only studied for like one of the exams. Grades all came in today and I received three As and two A-s. Not too shabby, eh? Definitely worth all of the stress I put myself through.

Next Semester: The Spring semester is all set up and I am excited for it to begin. Am I rushing things or what? I will be taking five classes, Gender & Sexualities, Juvenile Delinquency, Family Interaction Processes, Problem Solving, and an independent study with my all time favorite Amanda. No classes on Fridays which will be wonderful, as I have a feeling my ind study will have me busy. Vagina Monologue rehearsals will dominate my January and February. So far, they're scheduled for Wednesdays for 3 hours. I'll be working only three days a week. Triota meetings are yet to be decided on. I sent in a proposal and may or may not be speaking at a Women's Studies conference in March. And aside from all of that, I cannot wait to spend the Spring with my apt mates whom I love more and more everyday. Especially since I'm making them take me to the zoo.

And now, after typing all of that, I know I have more to say but cannot bear to go on. My eyelids are getting heavy and my cell phone is buzzing. Now that I have a month off, you can expect that I will be much more up-to-date with well as with my Flickr. Peace and love.


Johan Lont said...

What does "over break" mean? Is that "after the break is over" or "during the break"? You used the words in the Twenty-One Down section, where you wrote "I (...) will attempt to lose more over break."
I first read it as "during the break", which surprized me, because most people expect to gain weight during the food-filled December season, and plan to lose it first thing in the new year. Losing weight in between family dinners and other goodies is extremely ambitious. But then again, you are an ambitious person.

In a Flickr comment, I recommended you choose yourself some type of physical exercise, because that is a good way to empty the mind and to prepare it for renewed filling in the next semester. Granted, exercise is not the only method. You can also comfortably empty your mind watching reruns of tv-series or reading easy-reading novels. In the past, I also had some good results with knitting scarfs, but for some reason, I cannot picture you with knitting needles in your hands. But none of these alternative methods will help you to lose weight, so physical exercise is still the best.

I say you borrow yourself a dog of a breed that needs to be walked a lot. Like a daily minimum of two miles, twice a day. That should do the trick.

I don't need to tell you not to lose weight too much or too fast. Balance is the word. I'm sure you know that already.

Your Spring semester looks interesting. I hope it turns out that way. Peace and love to you as well.

Kristin said...


"Over break" refers to something being done during the break, as you guessed. And actually, I have done knitting before! I used to belong in a knitting club, actually. I might get back into soon, as I found it very relaxing.

Thorpe said...

Congrats on your weight loss Kristin! 21 pounds is awesome!