Monday, November 3, 2008

Maya Angelou

I saw Maya Angelou speak tonight. That woman has the most beautiful soul. I swear it radiates from her body and leaves me in awe.

Here is a video of her reading "Brave and Startling Truth" tonight. After the video is a link to my flickr on which I posted a different video of her reading "The Health-Food Diner" on stage.

Other video on my Flickr


Gina said...

Wonderful video! Maya Angelou has such a profound way of speaking. BTW, found you through some blog babes list. Do you know this guy? And would it be too pathetic to admit that I'm jealous that I'm not on the list?

Kristin said...

WOW, I have NO IDEA who that is. And I'm definitely not a fan of his misogynistic ass. Clearly, he didn't read too into my blog to see that I'm not a fan of degradation, sexism, and objectification.