Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gay Weekend

I have decided to declare this weekend "YAY FOR GAY - Gay Weekend" because of everything fabulous and LGBT related that has occurred. As I stated in a previous post, CT legalized same-sex marriage on Friday. Kenya and I drove out to Hartford to participate in the rally at the capitol. Only thing is, we were running late and got lost looking for parking. We missed the whole rally. So, we drove back to the UC for our very own rally & celebration with A. And by celebration, I mean beer, D.P. Dough, rainbow jewelry and season one of the L Word. Spectacular. Gay Weekend continued yesterday with National Coming Out Day. And today marks the ten year anniversary of Matthew Shepard's death. I'd like to say that we, as a society, have come a long way in terms of hate crimes but really, we haven't. The less publicized & more recent occurrences of hate related violence, crimes and deaths are proof of that. As is the hateful language I encountered this weekend by people who I am ashamed to say I know.

HERE'S TO THE TAX BREAKS! (and the other one-thousand forty eight benefits that same-sex couples will now also be able to receive)

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boxofcrayolas said...

1,048 benefits?! No way!

Good for them - they deserve it, too!