Monday, September 22, 2008


My coworker asked if I was okay this afternoon and I started crying. I have no idea what prompted it, nor do I have any idea what to make of it. It might just be a result of stress and exhaustion. Hello, anxiety.

And boy, those heart issues this morning were no fun, either.


Johan Lont said...

Those are most definitely the kind of tears that lie waiting until someone asks "Are you okay".

There are a million reasons to cry, and you know it. It's not that some cause prompted you to cry. It's just that stress and exhaustion break down the barriers, that normally withhold us from crying.

But there are also many reasons to rejoice.

Work hard, but not too hard.

Johan Lont said...

I can't stand it to see "1 COMMENTS" under your blog entry. "One comment" is singular; there shouldn't be an 'S' at the end of COMMENT.
But it should be fixed now. "2 comments" is correct.

Kristin said...

That is very true.

And it always bothers me to see "1 comments" too.

Joey O. said...
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Joey O. said...

Maybe it should be "One comments that.."

I think that would solve everything, lol.

Feel better Stin!