Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm not voting with my vagina.

I've posted about Sarah Haskins here before and proclaimed my love for her. Now, I think you should watch the hilarious new Target Women video she just put together about Sarah Palin.


boxofcrayolas said...

Ok that was pretty good. I love her, she's sarcastic without being intrusive about it.

You want to know the worst part? I could care less that Palin is running, and I could really care less that she's running as VP. Who would want to be VP, anyway? Palin had a genuine point when she asked what they do - because other than be a Senate tiebreaker, WHAT DO THEY DO? (Diplomacy doesn't count unless it means paying off some guy's family because you shot him in the face.)

My bet is that Obama will win (by 5 votes, seriously), and that Hillary will be his Secretary of State. She would be so much better in that position, anyway.

Just sayin'.

Miss you!

Johan Lont said...

I couldn't remember where I had first seen Sarah Haskins, but now I realize it must have been on your blog. She is funny.

By the way, I believe boxofcrayolas won her bet (see previous comment) - congratulations.